Robert Bodem

Bodem graduated cum laude from Boston University with a undergraduate degree in Sculpture (1995) and Master of Fine Arts (1998). Upon graduation, Bodem was awarded the prestigious Alert S. and Ester B. Kahn Award for his talent in figurative sculpture. This facilitated Bodem’s move to Florence, Italy where he founded the Florence Academy of Art’s sculpture program. Under his directorship, this rose to become one of the world’s premier programs to study naturalistic figurative sculpture and Bodem is recognised for nurturing a generation of highly prolific sculptors. Now the Founding Director of the Athens Sculpture Atelier, Bodem is currently based in Athens where he continues to sculpt, teach and re-write his internationally celebrated pedagogical concept of “Drawing in Space’’. This fully comprehensive methodology is for sculptors of all abilities, working in any situation. Bodem’s own award-winning sculptures are held in collections throughout the world.

Feline (Edition #: 6 of 12)
Feline (Edition #: 6 of 12), 49x75x30cm, Bronze with Travertine base, Sculpted 2014 cast in bronze 2023
Negative Spaces (Edition #: 3 of 12)
Negative Spaces (Edition #: 3 of 12), 87x25x25cm, Bronze, 2016 cast in bronze 2023

The works Feline and Negative spaces will be exhibited all summer at Wilhemina’s Art Gallery. For more information about prices and shipping please contact Wilhelmina using the contact form.