In collaboration with:

Istanbul '74

An exhibition curated by Wilhelmina von Blumenthal & Irini Karayannopoulou

17th June - 21st July • Hydra Island, Greece

Wilhelmina’s Art Gallery presents Magic Mirror, an exhibition curated by Wilhelmina von Blumenthal and artist Irini Karayannopoulou. It will take place in two historical venues on Hydra Island, Greece, in the summer of 2024 and is devoted to the artist’s power to reflect, transform and distort reality.

Thirty-three international artists (emerging and acclaimed) have been asked to present works where mirrors, their uses and their users play out in all their enchanting complexity through painting, collage, sculpture, film and photography.

This exhibition is a tapestry of illusions, a web of experiences that escape the rational mind. Magic Mirror is a reflection on how we perceive the world; an invitation to explore what lies beyond our immediate senses.

Pilar Abarracin • Alison Jones • Emma Ainala • Iasonas Kampanis • Loukia Alavanou • Irini Karayannopoulou • Belkis Balpinar • Marin Kasimir • Burçak Bingöl • Peggy Kouroumalos • Lindsey Calla • Natalia Manta • The Callas • Didier Marcel • St Clair Cemin • Theo Michael • Charlotte Colbert • Robert Montgomery • Simon Demeuter • Lionel Esteve • Mathieu Renard • Helen Flockhart • Philip Tsiaras • Hilary Galbreaith • Andreas Vais • Marianna Hatzinikolaou • Xenia Vitos • Hippolyte Hentgen • William Wegman • Maria Joannou • Janet Werner • Erwin Wurm

For The Magic Mirror exhibition Wilhelmina’s art gallery has secured partnerships with Istanbul’74 who will co-host the VIP Preview Dinner at Captain M, Mandraki Resort’s renowned restaurant. The exhibition will be sponsored by Semeli wines, Maruccia Paris, Dalamara winery, Kasia Kay Projects, Entaxy.

Wilhelmina’s art gallery will host a series of by invitation only events, destined to bring together artists, collectors, journalists and art lovers from all over the world. Apart from the VIP Preview Dinner that will take place June 16, a day before the official opening, a cocktail brunch will be held at Mandraki Resort, a collectors’ dinner will take place at the port of Hydra and, of course, there will be a number of captivating artist talks in both venues.

Performances and film screenings will be presented for the duration of the Magic Mirror exhibition both at Wilhelmina’s art gallery and at Keresbino/Hydrogoios (The Callas and the Callasettes, Peggy Kouroumalos, Sofia kouloukouri Jaqueline Lentzou and others).

The Magic Mirror tote bags and t-shirts will be designed and produced by Hard Clo.

The visual identity and the catalogue of the exhibition will be created by SEBR design